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Who are we?

Pilatix is a leading company producing high-quality Pilates equipment designed to support your commitment to fitness and health. Our expertise and passion in this field inspires thousands of Pilates centres, studios and personal users around the world.

our vision

Pilates is a unique exercise method that combines body and mind. Therefore, our mission is to make Pilates accessible to everyone and help people live healthier, more balanced and flexible lives. The main aim of Pilatix is to make people love Pilates and make it a way of life.

Quality and Design

Pilatix aims for excellence in the design and production of each of its products. Each piece of equipment guarantees the highest level of quality in terms of durability, ergonomics and aesthetics. Our products are designed to best support your Pilates practice and are specifically produced to support you at every stage.


Respect for the environment is of great importance to us. We take care to minimize environmental impacts and use sustainable materials when producing our products. We know that we have a responsibility to protect nature while doing Pilates.

Customer happiness

We're here to help our customers achieve their health and fitness goals. Customer satisfaction is a fundamental part of our business and we are committed to providing the highest level of service at all times. We are always here for your questions and to meet your needs.

Contact us

Find the key to a healthier and happier life with Pilatix. Feel free to contact us to get more information about our products and services. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to join the Pilatix family.

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